Finding Out What’s Wrong With Your Car Through What You Smell

Auto defects can be diagnosed through the signs detected by the sense of smell. You can make the auto repair easier to fix if you can identify the cause of the defects.

  • Burned toast smell — this may mean electric short or burned insulator. For safety reasons, do not use the vehicle until the problem gets fixed.
  • Burning sulphur smell — there might be something wrong in the catalytic converter or other emission control devices.
  • Acrid odor – there might be burning oil. Check for leakage.
  • Gasoline smell after a start which failed may indicate that the engine was flooded. Wait for a while and then try again. If nothing is changed, do not use the vehicle to avoid danger.
  •  If you smell burning resin, it may be because the brakes are overheated or it may also be the clutch. Check on the brake and then stop to let it cool. If light smoke comes out of a wheel, your brake may be stuck. Let your car be towed and be repaired.
  • If you smell a sweet and steamy smell, it may mean that there is a coolant leak. If the warning light does not signal that your car is overheated, go to a service station. If you also smell a metallic smell along with it and there is steam under your hood, your engine might really be overheated. Pull over as soon as possible for continued use of the car may cause your engine to be damaged severely. Let your car be towed and repaired immediately.

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